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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for a webinar on CICN?

All our webinars are nominally priced. We know this is critical knowledge and we don’t want money to get in the way of it.

Who is eligible for a webinar?

Our current webinars are for groups of qualified medical professionals (doctors, nurses, and clinical nutritionists) and for students of medicine and dietetics. Look out for the eligibility criteria on a webinar before applying.

Can you create a customised program or course for my college?

Yes, please do reach out to us via WhatsApp on +91-9845588080 or email

Do you offer internships for students?

We plan to offer internships as soon as the pandemic subsides and when it’s safe for students to work in hospitals. 

Can I launch my own course on CICN?

Sure, we will be delighted to bring experienced teachers and practitioners in the field of Clinical Nutrition or Paediatric Oncology on our platform. Do reach out to us via WhatsApp +91 9845588080 or email  

Will I get a certificate for attending a webinar?

Yes, everyone attending a webinar is eligible for a digital certificate of participation.

Can I get a customised certificate?

Currently, we do not customise our digital certificates. However, for more information please reach out to us via WhatsApp +91 9845588080 or email   

Do you share study materials for a webinar?

Post the webinar, a toolkit with handouts and reference tables will be shared to help you practice what you learn.

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